Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 24th

Happy long Thanksgiving weekend -

I'm laying around trying to get some writing projects done while Tommy works on his school work. I don't know how successful I'm being at anything other than working my way through the 'To View' pile in the DVD collection. We did some furniture shopping this weekend for the remodel and found decent selection and prices at Ashley Home furnishings. We're pretty set on the bedroom floor and have a couple of pieces to find for the living room and then we should be able to move upstairs once they finish the painting.

The painters have been working like mad and have the bed and bathroom done. They should get the top floor the first of next week. Then it's just a matter of countertops, plumbing and appliance installation to get things up and running. That should make things much easier. The cats have been at the vets for several weeks as we have so much paint and stain fumes floating through the house. We went and visited them today. They aren't happy being kept in cages, but they'll live.

The temperature has dropped, but not a lot of rain since the initial front went through last week. We really could use some. We're still in the midst of major drought down here. The city water supply, however, is in good shape. I can't say the same for Atlanta.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday, November 17th - San Francisco, California

I'm back in my old stomping grounds at the Gerontological Society of America meetings this weekend. Tommy is at home writing a term paper so it's going to be conference meetings, sleep and catch up on some writing I need to do. Mainly a script for the Senior theatre group, The Seasoned Performers; I'm supposed to have a full draft done by the 1st and we keep changing basic concepts so I am not very far along.

San Francisco is cool and foggy - what I consider a normal climate and doesn't seem to have changed much since I was last here a couple of years ago. I'm staying at the downtown Hilton which is very large and devoid of any personality. The meetings have not been terribly interesting so far. I'm mainly here for some stuff dealing with the mineworkers and a committee meeting. If I get a little CME along the way, so much the better.

The house is moving along. The top two floors are stained and sealed and look great. Plumbing fixtures are going in the next two weeks and they start painting this next week as well. I have hope the top two floors will be habitable by the 10th of December so we can move up there and they can work on the bottom two.

I'm off most of next week which will be nice. I need some down time.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday, November 6th - Columbus Ohio

I'm at a meeting of a pharmacy and therpeutics committee in an airport hotel in Columbus. It's my first trip here but I have seen nothing of the city but the airport and hotel and will fly out immediately after. It's a good thing I am being well paid. Nothing else would induce me to the road warrior life. The temperature is cold here and I'm bundled up in a fleecy and trying not to succumb to post prandial dip.

The house is progressing. Still some cabinet issues to be worked out but we see forward progress daily. The floors are in on the top two floors. The tiling is nearly done in the bathroom. We're getting things ready to paint. The electrical and plumbing are coming together. We may make our holiday goal yet, at least in the two upper floors.

Doing some writing this week. Have a play to put together for the Seasoned Performers and 'Terrorist' is coming out of the trunk again for a sponsored workshop reading this winter with Birmingham Festival Theatre. Should be fun.

Mainly focused around work the next few weeks and pushing on the house. That continues through at least Thanksgiving. I do have to make a quick jaunt to San Francisco on business in a week or so. Should be fun and I have to call up some old friends so we can have dinner.