Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday, November 11th

Happy Armstice Day - It's a little odd to put a positive emotional spin around a day set aside to commemmorate the end of 'The War to End All Wars', a cataclysm that wiped out a generation of young men in Europe and laid the foundations for modern society by destroying the Victorian/Edwardian tropes that had come before. World War I has now, more or less passed out of living memory. There are fewer than ten veterans still living world wide and anyone with adult memories of that time is well over 100. In another 25 years, that will be as true of World War II.

Time marches on but, at least in my world, the boom generation tries desperately to keep things the same, at least when it comes to their parents. There seems to be a major disconnect going on at the moment with the realities of aging and death. I think that's at least one of the motivatiors behind all the bloviating going on with health care reform.

The rain bands of Hurricaine Ida passed through yesterday. It was wet, but nothing like some of the previous problems we have had around here. Today is lovely - clear and cool. I don't mind the Alabama climate in the fall and spring, but summer, in particular, is for the proverbial dogs.

We're off to New Orleans for twenty-four hours this weekend. Politically Incorrect is doing a brief set on Saturday night at some house turned art gallery for the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Three 30 minute sets between 7:30 and 10:30. We've been told to prepare for the fact that it's next to a train switching yard with the attendant noise problems. Goes with all the other wierd venues we've played over the years.

Looking at my calendar for the next couple of months, I've decided there's no time for the holidays. We'll make them fit somehow though, we always do.