Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, March 11th - Pikeville KY

Fortunately, my brain chemistry is settling down and the string of reverses that hit last month seems to have slackened somewhat so things are much better than they were a few weeks ago. Thanks to all that provided love, support and concern through a rough patch. This too is passing and on we go to whatever must be dealt with next.

This week is a mineworkers week so I am off on the usual Beckley WV/Princeton WV/Pikeville KY circuit for meetings and consultations. The geriatric program up here is growing by leaps and bounds and I have to engage my brain more and more to help them come up with solutions for these elder miners and spouses up in the hollers - especially in an economy that has slashed the budgets for any kind of social services.

The meetings finished up around 6 this evening so I am taking a down evening to watch bad TV and get some sleep before heading out in the morning for Birmingham. It's about a nine to ten hour trip with rest and meal stops. Should be home for dinner tomorrow night. Of course Tommy won't be. He's at a choral convention in Memphis this week.

Also on the good news front, the contractors should be out of the house in the next week or so. Then we can start moving everything into its new permanent home and get rid of some of the piles of crap that are all over the place.