Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 18th

Since my last post, I have ridden this spinning little globe around the sun one more time and am now, by all accounts thirty-eighteen years of age. This is a good deal older than I ever planned on being but what can one do? Ponce de Leon failed in his quest and we all suffer the consequences. Given my profession, I am more aware of this than most.

It's been a busy few weeks. Tommy finished his semester and got through his finals. We're now both ensconced in mega rehearsals as the men's chorus prepares to record its first CD. The recording sessions are next week. It's an interesting polyglot of stuff taken from our repetoire for the last three years. Everything from Swahili world music to Russian chant to the Biebl Ave Maria. When that is done, the two of us are taking a vacation (a mix of work and vacation for me) including stops at the Fort Worth Opera Festival, the usual mineworkers Appalachian run, the National Senior Theatre Festival (where I am speaking) and, if I can work it out, Seattle for a few days to see the family.

Now that the house is more or less done, we are emptying closets and shelves to try and get everything to its proper home. This has led to a lot of piles. They should all go away by the fourth of July weekend if we play it right. Is ones home ever truly finished? Everytime I think I have it in order, there's a new disaster or new project and off we go again.

Saw a very good local production of 'Grey Gardens' with good friends and colleagues in the leads. Makes me want to get back on stage. Most of the kinds of shows I'm right for aren't being done much at the moment due to the economy. Hopefully something interesting will happen soon. I do have a couple of cabaret things coming up in August that should be fun. Politically Incorrect is due back for another outing and there's a fund raising one that's about friendship.