Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, February 25th

No word from me for a couple of weeks as there hasn't been a lot to say. Rehearsals proceed on 'Into the Woods'. We have one more week before tech. The show should be good but we need to have some time with everyone there to get some of the moments down. So much of it is ensemble and when you're missing three principals from every scene on any given night, it's tough to get it right, especially with the difficulties in the music with all the individual lines that have to be timed properly.

Much consternation at work by upper management over the state of clinical programs. All I have to say is that's what you get when you ignore them steadily for years in favor of trying to be a top research university.

The house is down to the last few projects. I spent the last couple of weekends sorting out all the books and getting them up on the new shelves. Still have a lot to do in terms of getting the art back up, cleaning the basement for it to be rehabbed and getting the old furniture we're not going to use out of the house and off to the Playhouse for use as props.

I skipped the Oscarcast last night. From what I hear, it was pretty tepid. Haven't seen most of the nominated films anyway. Tommy and I have too many theatrical and singing extra-curriculars to get to the movies much.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday, February 5th

Today is Super Tuesday. I did my civic duty this morning and went out and voted in the primary. Edwards was whom I was supporting, but as he dropped out, I ended up voting for Hillary. I like Obama but I think the Clinton camp has a much better chance of weathering the storm that the Republicans are likely preparing for the general election. I think the swiftboating of last cycle will seem timid in comparison to the all out assault that's going to come and I don't see either Obama or especially his wife dealing at all well with it and some major mistakes will be made that would cost the election, especially if McCain is on the other side. But enough about politics.

The house is slowly being restored to sanity, room by room. Boxes are being opened and emptied. The layer of construction dust is being cleaned away. New furniture is in place. With luck, we will be presentable by the end of the month. I'll take some pictures when it no longer looks like a bomb went off in it.

Playing catch up at work. Between business trips, Into the Woods, and the house, I am more than a bit behind on various projects. One thing at a time and I may get some of these piles taken care of.

The flu is in town, big time. I had my shot but I still think I have a low grade case with all the attendant body aches. Enough to make me grouchy but not enough to retire to my bed. I slept a good deal this past weekend and that helped some.