Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday, December 30th

Happy 6th day of Christmas everyone. Go out and check the geese and see how many eggs you have. I realize I have not updated for some weeks. This is due to all sorts of things happening throughout December that have thrown monkeywrenches into a peaceful life. The big one was the closing of the local theatrical cooperative which led to Tommy and I having to quickly sort, pack and move years of accumulated theatrical paraphenalia to new lodgings. It did not help that it had to be carried down off a third floor of a building with no working elevator. My aging joints are just starting to recover from that one.

The theatrical world of the USA has been hard hit by the downturn in the economy and Birmingham is no exception. Ticket sales and donations are down, costs are rising and venerable companies across the country are starting to collapse. Seaside musical theater in Florida is gone. North Shore Musical Theatre in Boston, an institution for more than fifty years is about to collapse. Closer to home, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, the only pro theatre in Alabama is cancelling productions. The local groups I work with are on the ragged edge of extinction. I have a feeling we're all going to be back to producing in peoples basements again...

The holidays were fairly successful. We did Christmas Eve dinner for Tommy's family and, this past Sunday, had our annual open house. Roughly 150 folk came through and gobbled up four gallons of chili and three of minestrone. We are still doing the dishes. We did finally get all the decorations up and they are likely to remain until late January sometime. The christmas cards are the one thing that remains and I should get those out New Years weekend. As good Unitarian-Universalists, it's perfrectly permissible to celebrate orthodox christmas this year so I have until January 6th.

The major work project has been getting everything together for my promotion packet from Associate to Full professor. I should be a shoe-in as I am not tenure track but you never know what they might be thinking in the offices of the powers that be and you have to cover all of your bases. This necessitates finding many pieces of paper that have been filed away for years.

Politically Incorrect Cabaret comes back in February. I have a bunch of stuff to write over the weekend. It looks like it'll be a good show. Somewhat simpler than some of the earlier ones, but maybe with more bite as we take on both sides of the aisle.

No other theatre on the horizon at the moment due to the financial chaos of the world. I'll stay busy with tap and with the mens choir. Some links to numbers from the mens choir christmas concert are below.



Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday, December 5th

The holidays are here again and, as usual, I am nowhere near ready. Someday I will really have to take the entire month of December off so I can enjoy them properly without wondering how I am going to get everything that needs to get done finished. At least Tommy is out of school starting Wednesday and can take on some of the decorating and planning chores.

We have tenatively scheduled the return of our traditional open house for Sunday the 21st. The top three floors will be open and the basement will be discreetly closed to the public due to the recalcitrant mess that remains down there. I put a lot of energy into it last week and it's much improved, but there's still a long way to go. Going to try and drag the decorations out this weekend and start on that and finish the out of town christmas shopping.

I am off to West Virginia on the usual run on Sunday. Back Tuesday night. I hope the weather holds as I really don't like driving long distances in the dark and snow if I can help it. It'll keep me out of Tommy's hair during finals.

Got to come up with the energy and inspiration to finish writing this years Politically Incorrect Cabaret from somewhere. Anyone who has any to send along, donations are welcome.