Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday, April 18th

Things have been relatively quiet around the homestead the last couple of weeks. Tommy and I are in the throes of pre-production of 'Forty Second Street' which will audition in mid May and rehearse from Memorial day until mid July when it shall appear for three fabulous performances. We're still looking for a costume designer and a rehearsal pianist if anyone has leads. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to get a decent cast as it's one of those shows in which the ensemble has more fun than the principals.

Work continues to drive me crazy between being short staffed, in terms of nursing, administrative support and providers in the clinic - this happening at a time when the demands are accelerating as the aging boomers are dealing with their really aging parents and want them fixed pronto. The average boomer generally doesn't want to hear that there's not a lot of fixing that can happen at 85 or 90 and certainly doesn't want to be told about all the things Medicare does not pay for. Just to make matters interesting, Alabama is looking at a 20-30% cut in Medicaid next fiscal year which will have all sorts of unpleasant ripple effects on the system. Oh to be twenty years older so that I could just retire.

Tommy and I will be in Seattle May 1-12 for a combination of business meetings for me and to see the family. Looking forward to some time away from here.