Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday, January 4th

Happy 2011! It's another new year. Where does the time go? I remember as a child thinking 'I'll be so old in the year 2000' and now we're more than a decade later. Therefore, I must be ancient (at least to my child self.)

Tommy and I completed a successful visit to Seattle. Quality family time and helping my parents with their planning for their transition to senior living. Actual moving day isn't for a few weeks yet and they continue to downsize. I have four more boxes arriving UPS sometime this month. Getting back from Seattle, however, was a bit of a chore. We left the house at 9 AM on Wednesday for a noon flight. The flight was on time and we boarded, then sat on the tarmac for a couple of hours as the PA system stopped working and we had a horrible buzz in our ears for the whole time. The mechanics fixed that and the ice storm hit. As we weren't supposed to be there, we couldn't get deiced for a couple more hours so we took off four hours later. A lovely night was spent in Memphis courtesy of Delta airlines in a hotel right on the Fed Ex landing strip with a take off every five minutes all night long. We made it back lunch time the next day and had to scramble to rearrange life and crash after a 27 hour trip with little sleep.

The next few days were an orgy of cooking and cleaning for our annual open house which happened this past Sunday. We had about 150 folk show up over six hours and serves soup and stew and cookies and drinks. Per usual, a wonderfully eclectic crowd and a good time was had by all.

Now, we buckle down to a busy January. Faust rehearsals are in full swing between now and performance at the end of the month. Tommy also starts back to school and I have to get my work life up and running after the fallow period of the holidays. Then there is the matter of the script I have to finish for The Seasoned Performers. No rest for the wicked for a while...