Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wednesday, November 9th

Fall is here and the weather has changed. There's a nip in the air and the leaves on the trees are turning and are truly spectacular this year in their yellows, oranges and reds. Must have been something in the climate or rainfall as I don't remember it being quite so vivid most times in the past.

Not a whole lot of excitement going on around here. Tommy is in the last phases of his internship and will graduate in about six months. And there was much rejoicing. I took my boards and have yet to hear but feel like I probably passed based on how much of it I felt like I knew. We shall see. We've both been homebodies most of the last couple of weeks, working on little projects of one kind or another. He has been teaching toddler music classes and is working on the church Christmas pageant. I'm trying to get the last few bins and boxes of stuff in the house organized.

We've been out of rehearsal for a while so we've actually had a chance to see other people's shows. A very good production of 'Sweet Charity' (which despite it's fabulous score is just not a good show) and a reasonable Lippa 'Wild Party'. We also judged the annual Trumbauer drama competition for high schoolers this past weekend and may help judge the state finals in a few weeks if the scheduling stars align.

Work is crazier than ever as the clinical operation is transferred from one University entity to another and I have to, once again, justify the existence of geriatrics. I've been doing this for two decades now and I wish they would just leave us alone.

I'm off to Seattle on Friday for the weekend to check up on various family members of the elder generation. Busman's holiday. Back on Monday and then Thanksgiving descends followed by my usual run to WV and KY. Busy November.