Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21st

Spring has sprung again. Here in the southland, the flowering cherries, redbuds and dogwoods are running riot and the temperatures have shot up. It was 80 something this weekend, but without the humidity we usually have so it was quite pleasant. Of course, this weekend is a bit of a blur due to the performances of 'Lucia di Lammermoor' that just finished.

Lucia came out quite well as everyone buckled down and learned their music and their Italian (or at least most of it...) so it was ultimately a pretty darn good piece of music theatre. Susanna Phillips was amazing in the title role, especially in the mad scene and it was a privilege to be onstage watching her for that whole seventeen minutes of craziness. She nailed it and there wasn't a sound from the audience during the whole thing. They were rapt.

I'll try to post a photo or two of us all playing Scots singing in Italian and wearing 18th century French fashions. I had to have a beard for the part which made me look, according to some, like Sean Connery circa 'Highlander'. Personally, I think I just looked like my father.

The opera season is now over and I have to turn my attention to work matters such as getting ready for my Internal Medicine recertification exams which happen this fall. I have two more theatrical things on my calendar. One is a new version of 'Politically Incorrect' and the other is the musical 'Big' which happens this summer.

Still battling bronchial infections. They are fortunately getting better but I hope I don't have to deal with them next opera season. Only one opera next year and that's 'Carmen' which is a big sing for the chorus.

Next thing up is Tommy's Senior Recital which happens in two weeks. One more hoop...