Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wednesday, September 1st

Spent ten days of August devoted to Pattypalooza, also known as 'Patty's Piano Bar', the fund raiser for the Virginia Samford Theatre which had many of the local musical comedy types involved. It ended up being a good time with all of us having fun with each other backstage and onstage which took the audience on a pleasant ride for 90 minutes of Broadway and Cabaret numbers. Had the baritone part in the 'Heart' quartet from Damn Yankees and then the group numbers, 'Another Openin', Another Show' and 'Old Friends' and the highlight, a full cast version of 'Proud Mary' with Miss Patty herself in full Tina Turner mode, easy and rough.

Finished the run and then headed back to WV and KY for my usual mine workers stuff. Spent some time this trip working with them on a new project to improve services and access for caregivers of dementia patients and trying to figure out ways to connect the rural poor up with appropriate services where no such services actually exist. The weather was a bit cooler up in the mountains, but as hot as usual when I got back to Birmingham.

The weather finally broke, after 50 straight days of over 90 degree weather this past Sunday and there was much rejoicing. It's warmed up again but a much more manageable low 80s so fall is in the offing and the sauna may finally be over.

We're off to NOLA for the long weekend with friends. Should be interesting.