Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, July 12th

It's been relatively quiet at the Aerie the last few weeks. I've been trying to get my work life together for the next academic year. (It's going to be a busy one) and Tommy is in summer school for his education block classes until early August. Together, we are beating the house into submission and trying to get everything stowed away where it belongs. We've had things crammed into bins into corners for years during this remodel. Now is the time to find them, open them, look at the contents, wonder what the hell they are and why we own them, and then try to decide what to do with it. The goal is to have everything put away properly by Labor Day.

We took the long fourth of July weekend off and spent a few days with friends in Augusta and Columbia SC. There was lounging by pools, sunburn, eating of ribs and baked beans and potato salad. We went to bed early after a few too many mimosas and slept through the fireworks. As we came back via Atlanta, we made our first stop at IKEA as they were having a sale. It was a bit overwhelming but we emerged with a couple of sale chairs, yet another bookcase and some other odds and ends. So much for the state tax refund.

I have been admitted to the 2010-11 class for a civic program called Leadership Birmingham. It's more or less civic boot camp for community leaders and a good way to make connections of one type or another. This plus a new editorship plus all the usual mean a very busy year and not much time for things theatrical. There should be a few things such as a new Politically Incorrect and the opera chorus but musical theatre leads seem to be out. Not much in the way of shows to audition for anyway so I suppose it all works out.