Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday, January 24th

One of my fellow choristers from Aida died suddenly yesterday on the way out of rehearsal. In my business, I deal with death all the time but it's usually in those who have completed long and full lives. I still have difficulty when it's someone young and healthy who is no longer there. It also brings up memories and feelings of Steve and his illness and death. Having been widowed makes me much better and more effective at my job as I can tap into all that when dealing with the aged and the chronically ill, but there's a downside as well when I have to confront unexpected mortality.

Aida has been going well. We start tech tonight. There will be a bit of a pall on the whole thing with the death as this person was talented and well liked. We have our lyrics down, the staging is done, the music sounds glorious. Elephants are being replaced with camels after the structural engineer said that the stage won't take the weight of an elephant. The audience may be a bit disappointed, but better than watching an elephant go through the floor and into the timpani in the pit during the triumphal procession.

Work seems to be going well this month. That is likely to change given all the uncertainties in the air in terms of economics and health care. The current state of congress and the administration is making all of our lives somewhat crazy. At this point, I doubt much meaningful reform will pass. Some bill will pass, but there will be little in it that actually changes the system.