Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday, August 14th

The trip is over and now in the haze of memory and we are back in Birmingham and doleful care, as the Bohemians say. Sometimes I think they had the right idea and I should just take a couple of weeks to frolic in the woods with way too much alcohol, but that will have to wait for another month. August is all booked up.

Seattle had a record breaking heat wave when we returned from Maui. Topped out at 103 with humidity. Given that no one in Seattle has air conditioning as the usual annual high is around 85, it was a pretty miserable week. There was not a fan to be found in the entire Puget Sound region (other than at Brookstone where we got a servicable desk fan that made the room we were sleeping in somewhat bearable) and the natives, unused to deep south conditions were all lying around on the grass barely moving. Tommy and I spent the hottest days in my parents back yard with a gin and tonic dunking in the hot tub which had been turned into a Japanese cool plunge bath for the occasion.

Work took off with a roar more or less my first day back. Lots of catch up, the usual administrative nonsense and the new med students sticking their toes into their first year. I gave them my usual lecture on aging, death and dying which always goes over relatively well and have settled in for a semester of teaching introduction to clinical medicine to a small group of them. I'm also doing monthly lectures on the structure and function of Medicare.

I've been rather appalled at the 'debate' on health care reform raging and I wish pretty much everyone on both sides would just shut up as they know not of what they speak. I haven't heard a single person who actually works in the front lines of health care be given a platform, not that they would have time to speak as the current system continues to crumble around their ears.

We're in the process of cleaning out the basement and getting it ready for gutting so it can be redone. When did I accumulate all this stuff and why do I own it?