Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 24th

It's too darn hot! The temperature has been hovering around 100 with a heat index of over 110 for the last week. It's too hot to be outside more than a few minutes without feeling exhausted and I've been battling a viral something for the last few days so all I've wanted to do is lie in bed and watch bad TV. I have managed, however, to get myself up and around and to work. Things are relatively calm around the University this week, fortunately, but that could change at any moment and there are occasional disturbing rumors in the air.

'The Taming of the Shrew' is blocked and rehearsals are on hiatus for a while as most of the cast seems to be involved with a production of 'Beauty and the Beast' that's happening in July. Tommy and I will be out of town during that period so I have to get on the stick and learn lines during this next month so I don't have to wander around with the book in my hands too much when we return. Given the way the summer is going, I hope to hell that my costume is something flowing and cotton rather than some tight wool tunic.

We're singing in a concert of music arranged by a composer/music director friend of ours this weekend. Couple more rehearsals of that coming up - then there's not much on the calendar before we head out of town in mid July. I am so looking forward to some time on a beach unplugged from the grid.