Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15th

The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful. After boring fifty or so gynecologists with my musings on drug safety in the perioperative geriatric patient, we were off south again. Stopped in Berea, Kentucky to have lunch with an old high school friend and his wife whom I had not seen for a while and caught up, then off to Pikeville, Kentucky to play with the mineworkers for the rest of the week.

Pikeville is a typical Appalachian town - small business district, some outlying shopping/big box retail, all winding through very narrow valleys. We got the new nurses trained in geriatrics over three days, sampled Pikeville's finest restaurants (which had pretty identical small town diner menus - but the steaks were good) and watched a lot of Sci Fi channel in the hotel room.

From Pikeville, off to Blue Ridge, Georgia for a couple of days. A friend has a lake house there and we spent a few days in the country air. Too cold for swimming still but the house was nice and the town, a small artists colony, was lovely.

Now, back at work and trying to cope with a lot of decisions made by high level administrators who do not understand what it is that a geriatrician actually does.

I need a drink.