Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 12th

Things remain incredibly busy at our house. As if things weren't insane enough, I succumbed to temptation and joined the chorus for Opera Birmingham's production of 'Turandot'. A six foot middle aged white guy playing a medieval chinese courtier singing in Italian. Grand opera at its finest. Of course, joining three weeks before production means that I am busy trying to memorize three acts of Puccini in Italian in record time. Notes are nearly there and I'm not having too much trouble with the diction. I'm having grave difficulty remembering what comes in what order and will have to work on that mightily this next week before we move into tech.

This is my first foray into opera. I kind of like it. A tribute to my recent voice lessons with Benny that I can even begin to do what the maestro is looking for. The other theatrical project is the 2009 edition of 'Politically Incorrect Cabaret'. The script is done and we're beginning rehearsal for February performances. It should be a decent show this year as we've constructed it in such a way that it should require minimal rehearsal with most people being able to work on their own and then just drop the pieces in place a week before opening. At least that's the theory.

Doing a murder mystery dinner party fundraiser for a local theatre company on Saturday night so I'm writing that up like mad. The plot's done and now I just have to get all the character sheets done for everyone who is attending. Life becomes a lot easier when a couple of these projects are out of the way.

Work is just rolling along at its usual pace. No major disasters yet this week, but it's only Monday lunch so anything is possible in the next few hours. My promotion packet is done and ready to go to the powers that be so at least that's off the desk for a while. Keeping my fingers crossed.