Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday, October 6th

Another month come and gone and I continue to get further and further behind in life. That's probably not a bad place to be at the moment with the economic system on the verge of collapse. It'll give me something to do for the next few years while we all try to pick up the pieces. The retirement account statements are due to come in this next week. I don't know if I have the heart to open them. I figure it means I get to work until I'm 75.

Last week was a West Virginia run. I'm getting older I can tell as that drive up and back is getting more and more wearing on me. I have to pull over and snooze in the rest area a couple of times in order to make it rather than drive straight through. Not much of excitement up there, but it is fall in the mountains and the leaves are starting to turn and it was rather pretty. Fall is also happening in Birmingham. The temperature is down and in general, its heading into the six or so weeks of great weather we get in October and November.

The formal contract on the house is done and the contractor nearly paid off. We still have lots of little details to do in terms of arranging and putting things away and getting things organized but the top three floors are finished. The collapse of the economy means we have to put off doing the basement for a while. We'll probably stage it in over the next couple of years. We have to clean it out first. All sorts of strange things down there that have to be gone through.

Starting to work on a benefit for The Center for Aging and the Seasoned Performers to happen next spring. It's going to be cute if we can pull it off. First planning meeting is Thursday night.