Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday, September 24th

I've been quite zonked the last few weeks. I can't seem to get enough sleep and just feel like napping much of the time. Maybe it's because I've got a few fewer balls in the air at the moment than I usually do and my physiology is slowing down under the lower levels of adrenal hormones. Either that or I just need another caramel macchiato. Work stuff continues apace. More and more pressure on the clinic to get new patients in with very strange and complicated histories and stories. The word is out. Now if I could just clone myself...

The new Prius is running well and its great to have a car getting 45+ mpg. It's going to cut the gas bill in half. After the costs of the home renovation, I need that. The contractors have finished the last few things on the top three floors. We have to sit down with them to finalize finances and then we can decide what the heck we are going to do with the basement and how fast.

Had a quick trip to Atlanta to teach some classes last weekend. Didn't see much of it but what I did notice is gas is running out and the price was outrageous when it could be found. (Thank you Prius!) The end times of America's love affair with the automobile may finally be coming. Heading to West Virginia on Sunday for my usual mine workers run.

Tommy and I have been watching 'True Blood' on HBO the last couple of weeks. It's actually pretty good, even if it does star Anna Paquin.