Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 13th - Seattle, Washington

Tommy and I are ensconced with the family in Seattle for a couple of weeks. It's been a lazy few days so far, only marred by my picking up some horrible viral something on the plane and being febrile and achy for a day or two. It's winding down now and I should be back to my usual self by the end of the day. I truly hate what air travel in this country has become. Way too many people packed on the plane, no personal space, all the amenities more or less gone or requiring an extra fee. And the airlines wonder why they're going broke.

The family are all well. The nieces are now 5 and 9 and turning into delightful young people. All of the niece and nephew dogs are between 12 and 15 and sweet, but arthritic and rather slow. I expect a die-off in the next year or so. Mom and Dad continue to putter around and do their usual thing. I think they're a bit at loose ends not having dozens of projects going at once but they don't seem to be overly bored.

The weather has been marvelously cooperative. Low 80s with no humidity. A reminder of why Seattle can be paradise when it decides to be so. We're off today to a play and then to a barbeque at the home of old friends. Should be fun.

I am not missing work.