Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday, May 7th

RIP Patrick Flanagan Spivey Duxbury Thompson: April 1993 - April 30, 2008. He was a good cat but it was his time to go. At least he had fun up through the last few days. I guess he can go play with Steve now.

Other than having to put Patrick to sleep (he lost the ability to walk and could not eat or drink), things have been relatively calm around our place. Tommy finished all of his finals, passed all of his classes and is out of school until August. We have lots and lots of projects to get under control so its not like we won't be busy.

In order to celebrate, we were in New Orleans this past weekend. The weather was lovely, we had lots of good meals, including a great dinner at Bayona, our favorite restaurant down there, and did quite a bit of gallery hopping. Didn't buy anything. Art purchases will have to wait until after the remodel is finished and paid for. I'm not quite sure where we'd put anything at the moment as we haven't got what we already own back up on the walls yet.

The other reason for the weekend was for me to give part of a symposium on surgery on the aging woman to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. I did the geropharmacy portion. It went relatively well. I and my compatriots have done this for ACOG several times in the past. Much better attendance this time around and folks seemed interested in what we had to say.

The next big thing that happens is the spring concert of the Magic City Choral Society's Men's Chorus (The Birmingham Gay Men's Chorus but in the usual circumspect Southern Way, 'Gay' is not part of the formal title). Next Tuesday evening. We sound pretty good on most of our numbers but there's this hoedown folksong that really isn't a good fit for us as singers and emphasizes all the worst things about gay men's choruses in general. This too shall pass.

I will eventually get into rehearsal for 'The Music Man'. Frank seems to have designed a schedule that maximizes my absences due to conflicts. Better get out the script and come in off book.