Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday, April 1st

No April Fools pranks so far today and that's good, as far as I am concerned. The majority of them aren't well enough executed to be funny. Perhaps I can get through the entire day without one.

The reading of 'Terrorist' went quite well. About thirty people turned up and that was enough of an audience for the actors to play off of and to get a sense of what works and what doesn't. It plays quickly - just over an hour for each act so I don't think too much has to be cut, but there are little things to trim here and there that should cut 5-10 minutes off of it and then I think it will be in good enough shape for a production if anyone actually wants to do it.

Patrick is mad at having to take two pills a day to help with his kidneys. He's no better, no worse which is, I suppose, good enough. As long as he's getting around, eating and drinking and using the litter box I'll be happy.

Tommy and I are back to our usual patterns. Work, chorus rehearsals and I am trying to get all six tap routines down for the tap show on the 26th. I have the major ones under my belt but some of the things that are just being added now are not in as good shape. Fortunately, I know how to fake a lot of things when I have to.