Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tuesday, December 25th

Merry Christmas to all - and to all a good night or day or whatever time you may be reading this. I think I have all of five regular readers who check in to see what's up and I see most of them relatively routinely.

Low key holidays around our house. We couldn't get at the decorations so that was out this year. Not to mention the fact that great swaths of the house are still unfinished. We did get most other things accomplished - except the Christmas cards. I have made an executive decision that they are going to be Orthodox Christmas cards this year and will go out in early January in time for epiphany. I just can't deal with them until right after the New Year.

We had our first low key entertainment in our refurbished great room last night. Tommy's family for the tradition of Christmas Eve deserts and stockings. A new addition this year. Tommy is a great uncle with the addition of his niece's new daughter who arrived two weeks ago. She is very tiny and does little but sleep at this stage. Her stocking was filled with infant T-shirts and onesies and other practicalities that new mothers are not likely to have gotten from friends who race out for adorable little outfits that are impractical for much beyond a photo op.

I'm spending today catching up some on work and then we do more moving things around the house. An activity we will be repeating frequently for some months. We are using the whole project as an excuse to declutter so a lot of boxes of things are headed for prop land or to furnish various acquaintances apartments.

Off to London on Thursday. I'm looking forward to a week with no agenda other than fun.