Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday, December 3rd

I have decided that I'm skipping Christmas this year. Between the remodel and the mess of the house and Tommy's school schedule and all the various work crises, there's no time for it. I will try to get to my cards, but they will probably go out on Epiphany and gifts will probably arrive around Valentines and we will have our annual holiday party sometime around the Ides of March.

I am in major pain from arthritis in the knees, exacerbated by yet another weekend of hauling furniture up and down the stairs. Thank you, thank you to Aaron, Frank, Melissa, and Brad who showed up to help with this tedious task. We are now back into the bedroom. It's not quite finished but it's about 95% done and looks great. The bathroom and kitchen are moving forward. We may be able to fully occupy the top two floors by the 15th of December.

Work is relatively quiet at the moment. We're in a planning phase for major expansions of clinical service in the inpatient and outpatient arena. I just hope they're going to expand the support staff to help with all of the grandiose planning. I don't mind being the rock on which ambulatory services are built but even the strongest rocks are subject to erosion now and then.

Tommy and I were the will call office for the Opera Christmas Concert this past weekend, looking very official in the booth at the Alabama Theatre. We've decided we need to get our picture taken in it in deco usher uniforms for a Christmas Card some year.