Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday, November 6th - Columbus Ohio

I'm at a meeting of a pharmacy and therpeutics committee in an airport hotel in Columbus. It's my first trip here but I have seen nothing of the city but the airport and hotel and will fly out immediately after. It's a good thing I am being well paid. Nothing else would induce me to the road warrior life. The temperature is cold here and I'm bundled up in a fleecy and trying not to succumb to post prandial dip.

The house is progressing. Still some cabinet issues to be worked out but we see forward progress daily. The floors are in on the top two floors. The tiling is nearly done in the bathroom. We're getting things ready to paint. The electrical and plumbing are coming together. We may make our holiday goal yet, at least in the two upper floors.

Doing some writing this week. Have a play to put together for the Seasoned Performers and 'Terrorist' is coming out of the trunk again for a sponsored workshop reading this winter with Birmingham Festival Theatre. Should be fun.

Mainly focused around work the next few weeks and pushing on the house. That continues through at least Thanksgiving. I do have to make a quick jaunt to San Francisco on business in a week or so. Should be fun and I have to call up some old friends so we can have dinner.