Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday, September 11th

Another sunny Tuesday morning and what a difference six years makes. On 9/11, I was asleep at my brother's house when my sister-in-law yelled up the stairs that I had to come down and watch CNN. I think I got there somewhere just before the collapse of the south tower and was riveted for most of the rest of the day. While it was a pretty unforgettable moment, I think its time to let it rest along with the Lusitania, the Maine and other such unforgettable moments of their time and we should look forwards, not back in fear. '

It's too bad we're not in the process of writing another 'Politically Incorrect' at the moment. The Larry Craig tap routine alone would be worth it. Not to mention the fun we could have with the Petraeus report and the stalemale in congress. I really wish the dems would grow some cojones rather than worrying about what the republican spin machine is going to do next election cycle. But that's just me.

The logjam on the house is starting to break free. The electrician is dealing with the alarm issue this afternoon. The drawings for the storeroom building permit are supposed to be ready in the morning and the hardwood floors are starting to go down. Of course they got some of them wrong, but they're supposed to be fixing that later today.

We had a benefit weekend. The Virginia Samford Theatre opening gala last Thursday (various friends singing show tunes backed by orchestra). Quite good with people being in fine voice. On Saturday, the black tie Symphony gala. Had to dig through boxes to find my tux but did eventually unearth it. Still fits, but for how much longer? I'm about twenty pounds heavier than when I bought it. I seem to have put on ten of those in the last six months and a bunch of my dress shirts and pants are getting a wee bit tight. I'm the last person that needs to diet so maybe my metabolism is finally slowing down. The symphony high point was Justin Brown, the conductor, both conducting and playing movements II and III of Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto. Quite a feat.

I've had a cold that's become a bit of bronchitis so I'm a bit under the weather but I think it's starting to lift. It's about time.