Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday, July 26th

The contract is signed. The initial payment is in process and Tommy and I are embarked on the major remodel that's going to cost about as much as the house did a decade ago. I guess we aren't going to be moving for a while. I'm still in that 'What did I just do?' state of shock that tends to accompany all significant financial transactions. I just keep telling myself that I could pay cash for the whole thing out of the little nest egg that Steve left me so it's not that bad but I don't always believe myself.

The contractor's guys are less busy than they thought so the work is slowly beginning. This is weeks earlier than we anticipated so Tommy and I have been running around trying to play catchup on the work we need to do. The new kitchen appliances have been ordered. The new sink and faucets are ready for the cement countertop people. We ordered the new front doors. The POD arrives on Monday so we can start shifting furniture out of the house and demolition can proceed. We're cleared for the work on the house with the city but we still need additional permitting to build the new storage room and we're working on that this week and next.

I hate moving. I live by inertia. If nothing else, all of this will necessitate a bit of a cleanout of the junk that lives in all our closets and drawers. Playhouse should be getting a lot of prop donations in the near future.

At the same time, I have to get ready for a bunch of speaking gigs the next few weeks. Fortunately, its all canned talks but I do need to do some tweaking to make sure they're ready for audiences. Unfortunately, they're all donated unpaid gigs to various aging advocacy groups.

Work is back in full swing. It's like I was never away. I hate that.