Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday, May 7th

I really need to update this more frequently but life keeps interfering. If it's not the usual things, than a few unusual pop up and make things even more crazed than usual. The crazy making thing of the moment is the editing of a tape course in geriatrics designed to give weary primary care physicians plenty of CME credits while commuting through ridiculous traffic in more settled parts of the country. I should have most of it done by the end of the week but it's been a bit of a chore getting it all put together so it flows properly.

The mystery dinner was successful. At least I heard good reports back through the grapevine from attendees. There were the usual issues with trying to do something in real time with no rehearsal and a lot of guests who were uncertain of their roles. And the hosts pet dogs kept trying to lick up the 'blood stains' that were clues. I've donated another one to the same auction this year and we shall see what happens.

The week following was devoted to the Time Step studio tap show. I have some photos and as soon as I get them on line, I'll post them. Suffice it to say, my 'Magic Foot' number from 'Spelling Bee' was a big hit as I know how to be very sily on stage and I was dressed as the quintessential nerd. A chorus line of middle aged women in pink poodle skirts and large foam rubber orange hands completed the picture. Yes, the mind reels. Wonder what they'll come up with for next year?

No sooner was that over and done with than I had to pop up to Seattle for a couple of days for the annual American Geriatrics Society meetings. The family are all fine. Got to visit with them a bit. Most of the time, I was down at the convention center seeing, being seen and learning the ins and outs of systems of care in geriatrics. The UAB gang did make it to my sister's restaurant for a very successful evening out that was pronounced one of the best divisional dinners ever.

This week - more tape course and eventually into rehearsal for 'Cabaret'. I'm going to have to take the Pineapple song down an octave. I am not a screechy tenor.