Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday, April 20th

April seems to be a month of trouble - Hitler's birthday, Oklahoma City, Columbine and now Virginia Tech. Given the gutting of mental health services (led by many of the same people now all over the television deploring the current massacre) and the easy availability of guns in our culture, its surprising it doesn't actually happen more often. People seem to have forgotten that the second amendment was written at a time when the musket was state of the art weaponry. To kill with it required skill and discipline and acquiring those usually led to an understanding of when not to use it and who should not be let near one. I have a feeling the second amendment would have been written quite a bit differently if the founding fathers had had an inkling about semi-automatic assault weapons. But enough of the rant.

Politically Incorrect Cabaret closed its 2007 tri-state tour this last weekend in Atlanta. Small, but enthusiastic audience at the Horizons school, complete with llamas outside the stage door. I was really hoping one of them would wander onstage during the show so I could break into the Monty Python ''el llama es un quadrupedo" routine, but alas it was not to be. It's time to hang up the Ansager/emcee for a while. I will not miss the make-up. I auditioned for 'Cabaret', the show recently and got cast, not as the Emcee, but has Herr Schultz. Somehow I seem to have morphed into the old Jewish guy given this part and Lazar Wolf from earlier in the year. Should be fun though. I'm looking forward to the Pineapple song.

Archie the kitten has settled into the household. Highly rambunctious and inclined to pick up small items in his mouth and drag them around the house. My reading glasses are still missing although most other things have eventually turned up. Time for another trip to the Walgreens for magnifiers. In the last year, I have lost my ability to read small print at night or in dim light. Age catches up with us all I suppose. You'd think as a professional in aging, I could do something about it, but no....

Doing a murder mystery party that I donated to a charity auction for a private event this weekend. It should be fun. I think I have the plot working correctly but a lot will depend on my volunteers playing their parts correctly and not giving too much away to fast. It's an experiment. I'm hoping the guests will have several glasses of wine apiece and will love it.

Had an overnight to the Cincinatti airport this past Monday for a business meeting. Didn't get outside of the airport so don't ask me what I think of northern Kentucky. It may be a regular trip so I'll go up early one of these times and explore a bit. I have to go to the creationist museum they're building down the road to learn all about how Adam and Eve loaded the dinosaurs on the Ark of the Covenant or whatever.

Not much new on the work front. Been doing a bunch of local public speaking. I'm available for more glamorous destinations if anyone wants to hire me.