Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday, April 5th

I have become very, very bad at keeping this appropriately updated. What can I say? Things happen in life. Let's see, what's new? The family has expanded by one with the addition of a new kitten, Archie. Archie was in the adopt a cat room at the vet when we took Patrick and Shadow in for their annual. He's about six months old, a buff colored tabby but with a major strain of something else giving him very Egyptian cat ears, complete with little tufts of fur at the tips. The vet said he didn't like people but he was all over us; we decided it was fate and took him home. The three are getting along relatively well, although Patrick, as senior cat, is a bit offended by kitten hijinks and has to cuff Archie occasionally. (Patrick has also let us know his displeasure at the interruption of his routines by peeing on the bathroom rugs and escaping the house twice). He'll live.

Last week was a bit of a strange week. Made the usual West Virginia run over a couple of days. Lovely weather and a nice drive all the way up and back. The spring bloom has happened all at once due to the mild and warm winter so pollen everywhere and the seasonal allergies are in full force. Thank god for Claritin (300 tablets generic at Sam's Club for $12). We had some rain the last couple of days and it's finally starting to wash out of the area after everything being yellow for days. After getting back from that, had some back to back speaking engagements - one in Montgomery and one here in Birmingham. The Montgomery one, key note for the Alabama Gerontological Society, went exceptionally well. I don't often get a standing ovation for my musings on elder care but apparently I said the right things this time.

Auditioned for both 'Cabaret' and 'Evita' this past weekend. Got offered parts in both. Apparently I've morphed into an old Jewish man after Lazar as I've been offered Herr Schultz in Cabaret (no secret that I was after the Emcee). Offered a part as a general/soldier in Evita. I'm taking the lead in Cabaret over the Ensemble in Evita as it will be more interesting. Going to have to find someone to age me appropriately for Cabaret though as my Frau Schneider is a generation older than I.

This weekend, I have to break the back on a murder mystery I'm writing for a private party. Got it mapped out in my head, now need to put it on paper.