Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tuesday, January 2nd

Happy New Year! The holidays are now officially over and its time to get back to all of the various grinds that dominate life. The rest of the Seattle trip went quite smoothly. Much of it was spent in doing as little as possible such as napping, storing up energy for what promises to be a crazy few months down here as all the various projects gear up. Christmas was a family affair. Everyone turned up at some point. Tommy and I made stockings with his usual flair for everyone (including one for my sister in an elbow glove) - if we ever move to Seattle we will have to keep him away from Display Supply. He's dangerous in that place...

We returned home in time to prep for our annual holiday open house. Had 80-100 people stop by sometime over New Years eve - an eclectic bunch from our various social circles. The food and ambience were a hit. Tommy makes a good chili and hot apple cider. We're also working on installing rope lighting along the length of our front bridge for decoration and safety. I think it will look quite nice when it is finished.

'Fiddler' is in full swing. I'm supposed to be off book as of tonight. I think I know my lines more or less. There's a couple of harmony parts where I am unsure of notes still so I will have to pound piano keys this week. It promises to be a good show and we have a couple of weeks still to get it all ready. Tommy is in rehearsal for 'La Cenerentola' and boning up on his Italian diction. He performs in mid-January as well. Then I have to get the rest of the Politically Incorrect lyrics written in the next week or so. Better get on the stick.