Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday, October 26th

This week was another West Virginia trip week. Drove up on Sunday through grey skies to be greeted by a light dusting of snow at the WV border. Flakes fell throughout Monday and Tuesday but never enough to be a nuisance. Winter is coming, as the maesters of the citadel say. It was peak foliage weekend for the hills, very pretty but without the sunshine that would have made the panoramas spectacular. Not a lot going on up in WV country. The case management nurses continue to do an exemplary job - gave them a presentation on disaster planning, a subject about which I know nothing, but which seems to have gone over quite well all the same.

Tomorrow is Tommy and my fourth anniversary. Where has the time gone. We are fairly settled in our routines but we have enough show biz and other craziness going on to keep things interesting. He seems to be enjoying the BM program at Montevallo very much, although the faculty, many of them his peers, don't seem quite to know what to do with a midlife studtent in music performance and composition.

Due to December conflicts, had to bow out of 'A Christmas Carol' so I am not on stage again until January. 'Fiddler' starts rehearsal mid-December and I am looking forward to it. Between now and then comes the usual question of keeping theater companies with precarious finances afloat - always an interesting exercise.