Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday, September 20th

This has been a highly unpleasant few days. After six or eight weeks of abdominal symptoms, I got to spend this last weekend preparing for a colonoscopy - which I had on Monday. While the procedure itself was fine, the resulting electrolyte imbalances have left me with horrible muscle cramps and the gut disturbances have given me hiccups and esophageal spasms. All of that has made it hard to sleep, concentrate or otherwise have a normal life. The results came back today. I have chronic inflammatory bowel disease (a gift from my father who has the same thing) - meaning a lifetime of medication and regular surveillance colonoscopy to prevent colon cancer and keep symptoms at bay. Welcome to middle age. Something was bound to go wrong eventually - I suppose this is god's way of keeping me sympathizing and empathizing with my patient population.

I would call my father and thank him, but he and my mother are currently in Europe floating down the Rhine and the Danube. They should be pulling into Budapest just in time for riot and revolution. Fortunately, they are both smart enough not to get off the boat if things are too problematic there. The genetic good news can wait until their return.

The first production of Tommy's new company, Magic City Actors Theater, opened last night - 'How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying' - quite a good show. The cast is amazingly good. The staging great. The tech a little ragged around the edges but a couple more performances should take care of that. They're doing a lot of stuff with projections and getting all the timing down takes practice and that's hard to do when the set's still being completed an hour before curtain on opening night.

Saw my friend Ellise's production of Paula Vogel's 'The Oldest Profession' at Birmingham Festival Theater this past weekend. Some great moments. The best being one of the 80 something grand dames of Birmingham society singing 'Proud Mary' a la Tina Turner. Must be seen to be believed.