Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday, July 11th

We did the Huntsville gig of PIC on Sunday night this weekend. Eighteen cast, crew and musicians descended on the Renaissance Theater in Huntsville, a cute little space seating about 100 and did our usual brand of anarchic comedy, song and dance. The audience was appreciative and we got most of the kinks worked out of the show so it should be pretty good when we do it here in Birmingham on the 22nd. I tripped making an entrance and sprained a toe - fortunately, its the kind of show where you can just work it into the act.

Will be going off to WV on the usual mineworkers run this weekend. Should be a nice drive if its not one of those thunderstormy days where the heavens open. Be nice to get out of the office for a bit and still get paid. The clinic limps along in its usual way. Only one of my partners remains so we're busy stuffing patients in wherever we can. I need some time off from here but its not going to come for a while. My annual review was late last week. They still love me.

Tommy goes down to Montevallo today to see about registering for his classes for music school. That will determine a lot of our activity over the next couple of years.