Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday, April 24th

The month of April seems to be flying by - it may have something to do with way too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. Work has been a bit of a nightmare with both the other clinicians out all month but I've managed to stay on top of it all. One comes back next Monday from her surgery and then things should calm down a bit for me. I don't think I'm too far behind in anything but I have been surprised before.

Kiss Me Kate is progressing quite nicely. In five rehearsals, we've got nearly half the show on its feet. Of course, it's the half that's relatively easy to mount. We won't get to the nightmare of the opening number until next week, for instance. We're on course to have the whole show staged and moving along by the 10th of May, giving us a couple of weeks to polish before we move into tech. The cast is great and seems to be enjoying themselves. Sets and costumes are progressing and it looks like we have enough money to pay for it all - now we just have to get off our butts and sell some tickets.

Tommy and I had a social weekend. We hosted a kick off party for a theater group in town to announce their new season and then went to Birmingham's equivalent of a circuit party, an affair known as 'Rites of Spring' where the gay boys dance all night under the roof at Sloss Furnaces. Smaller turnout than in years past and I'm starting to get too old for the twist and gyrate to overloud techno in the wee hours of the morning. We're moving on to hosting a party for a local political candidate in a couple of weeks. Comes of having the ideal party house - everyone wants to use it. And then there's Tommy who enjoys being the Martha Stewart of 13th Avenue South. The things he can do with cut fruit and mylar...

Things remain tightly scheduled through the middle of June. Then I think I collapse.