Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday, January23rd - Welch,WV

I'm off again on my usual West Virginia mineworkers jaunt. It's wet and gray with intermittent showers and a lot of dreary skies and fog. Usually at this time of year, there's a lot of snow but this year has been unseasonably warm. I'm very fuzzy headed after yesterday's eleven hours in the car and I get to repeat it again tomorrow. It's somewhat restful to be away from everything but I'm starting to feel older and less able to drive long distances at night. C'est la vie.

Work promises to be awfully interesting the next few months. One of my clinical partners is going out on extended leave due to family issues and the other has to go out for eight weeks for surgery. I am not looking forward to having to handle everything myself. Especially as I'm directing this spring. The staff for 'Kate' is starting to come together and I think it's going to be quite a good show if I can get the right cast. There are lots of people in town who can do the parts but will they show up for me?

We're in the throes of putting together this years cabaret show. The material is done and we're trying to find time to get people together to rehearse which seems to be next to impossible. It should come out ok in the long run. It usually does. February 4th in Birmingham and the 11th in Atlanta. Last year there was no power. Our last venue in Biloxi no longer exists and we played an abandoned boot factory in Huntsville. We're up for whatever.

I have the viral cruds - six weeks and counting. I wish they would go away. I'm tired of barking. I can't afford the time to be ill so it better not become anything worse.