Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Happy Gnu Year - or something of that sort. The calendar has turned over, I remain older than I ever intended, and I continue on the ever speedier conveyor belt towards my dotage. I think 2005 was a pretty good year. No major personal traumas, unlike some of the years preceding it. The outlook for 2006 is semi-optimistic. Assuming I survive work and theatrical commitments, things should be pretty ducky for a while.

Tommy and I went over to Augusta, Georgia to a place we know over there to get away for the New Year's weekend. The usual destination is NOLA, but that just wasn't in the cards this year. Much of the downtown/Vieux Carre is back in business, but there's still no place to stay and we weren't going to spend $300 a night for one of the few rooms we could find. Instead we spent far less and had a rainy weekend where we spent a lot of time in bed watching back episodes of the new 'Battlestar Galactica' on DVD. It's a lot better than the original. We did get out for some decent meals and saw the remake of 'King Kong' - well done but badly in need of an edit. The original didn't require three hours, neither did this one.

Now we're both more or less settling in for routine schedules for the winter. I have staff out at the clinic which will make things a bit more problematic than usual. Tommy is working on his music. We get back to our various lessons and rehearsals this next week. I finished the script for the new Politically Incorrect Cabaret show, 'Blues in the Night: A show for blue people who are seeing red' last night and we have a month to get it in shape. It performs Feb. 4th here in Birmingham and on the 11th in Atlanta. The other project is 'The King and I' which begins rehearsal this weekend but for which I should not be needed a whole lot as my part neither sings or dances.

Andy on the road dates:

January 22-24: Usual WV run to Princeton, Welch and Beckley
February 22-26: Freeport, Bahamas (Society for Female Urology conference - I'm speaking on geriatric perioperative care - 45 min talk for four free days in the Caribbean in February? I'm totally there.)