Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday, November 20th - Orlando, Florida

Tommy and I are still in the theme park capital of the world and will be here until Tuesday morning when we pull up stakes and head for Miami. The weather has been balmy, cloudy but very little rain. Hurricane Gamma is heading vaguely this way but, by latest report, it's going to be well south of us, causing little more than a blustery day. (I've seen way to many stuffed Winnie the Poohs over the last few days.)

Thursday, we went to Epcot. An interesting place as it can't quite seem to decide what it wants to be. Half of it is theme park based around natural sciences, the other half is a sort of permanent worlds fair. The two halves don't quite gel and then you throw in Mickey Mouse and friends. I did like some of it a lot. A couple of very well done rides about history and nature. A rather sickening flight simulator to Mars that left us both a little motion sick for some hours. Some very nice restaurants of the world, manned by some awfully attractive waitstaff from the native country. We met Brad, an old friend of ours, for dinner that night.

The next day, we slept in. We then went to a matinee of the new Harry Potter movie in IMAX. The film mostly works, other than the first fifteen minutes, which is far too choppy, reducing the first ten chapters of the book to a series of episodes that will make little sense to those who have not read the book. It's fun watching the kids grow up in real time, the development of some of the minor characters and the sequence surrounding the Yule Ball is a minor classic. Later in the afternoon, off to Disney-MGM studios for more theme parking. Amusing, especially the New York street full of holiday lights where it's busy snowing and they're selling hot chocolate, despite the balmy temperatures. The big winner ride wise was the Tower of Terror where you're stuck in a runaway elevator. The design of the whole thing was pretty amazing.

This weekend, I had meetings for American Geriatrics Society and Gerontological Society of America. Had to be a good boy. Did have some time out to do some outlet mall shopping and looking at Downtown Disney - overpriced restaurants and nightclubs. Have some more work tomorrow morning, then we're off to the Animal Kingdom park. We're skipping the water park this trip. Not warm enough.