Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday, September 15th

I am, once again, over committed. What's new about that? Lets just say that the next few weeks are going to be on overdrive while I get all of my obligations, professional and personal met. I have to race to Atlanta tomorrow for a recruitment drive for new fellows, race back on Saturday to rehearse for a local performing arts festival that happens on Sunday and, in the middle of all that, take care of a bunch of stuff related to church, get to the bank, and do this weeks dictations. Fortunately, Tommy got called to work 'The Lion King' for the next five weeks (as the company laundry person) so he's got his own maximum overdrive with which to contend.

Next week is a lot of rehearsal for 'The Phantom of the Opry' (the music is down, now we have to block, choreograph and in general get it into show shape), the beginning of tap lessons that I won at last springs Alzheimer's Garden Art Party auction (somehow the thought of me in tap shoes does not inspire confidence), preparation for the annual church show, a friends wedding, and a lecture to the Jewish Community Center's Alzheimer's support group. The schedule looks like that up through the beginning of November. At that time, it's time to take a break. I think the week before Thanksgiving week and Thanksgiving week are going to be spent out of here. I have a business meeting in Orange Beach and one in Orlando and we should be able to make it a bit of a Florida vacation.

I am not doing a show once 'Phantom' closes until after the first of the year in order to give me time to do all the stuff I've been putting off so those of you waiting for kites, doll houses, genealogical records etc. should begin to see some progress.