Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday, August 12th

Been a busy week, at least from the work point of view. Lots of little projects going on under deadline so I've been chasing things down from pillar to post, especially on contract work. Sometimes I think I have a conference call permanently glued to my ear. Haven't fallen behind on anything yet, but there's still time. I'm going to have to drop one of my hospice contracts in order to make everything fit.

Tommy and I are settling into Birmingham routine. If everything goes the way we think it's going to over the next few months, we're both more or less going to be here through at least November. I may have a couple of little business trips, but nothing earth shattering for a while. There's a possibility that I may have to give some lectures for a conference in Cancun next February. That would be fun.

'Twelfth Night' is starting to come together. This is definitely not going to be a production for purists with great liberties in both text and interpretation. It's going to be fun and move like a bat out of hell. The Belch/Aguecheek/Malvolio subplot's working best, but they've got the more interesting characters. Let's face it, Sebastian is a plot device, not a man and not as easy to establish.

I have to write a fifteen minute preview show for Centerstage this weekend, taking bits of the four shows from next season and weaving them together into some sort of whole. I'm thinking of a take-off of the opening number from 'Into the Woods'.