Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tuesday, June 14th

Well, I survived the first weekend of 'The Vast Difference' - two more weekends to go. Audiences have been appreciative and laughing at all the right spots and I haven't gone up on my lines so something is going right. I'm still not sure if I'm any good in it although people I don't know have been complimentary so I must make some sort of impression. It's been a big learning experience and is making me less afraid of doing certain kinds of things on stage. The weekend after this closes, we're doing 'Politically Incorrect Cabaret' in Biloxi on Saturday night the 2nd. I have a new number to learn 'I wonder what the shrub is doing tonight' to the tune of Arthur's opening number from 'Camelot'. As I will be performing in practically naked, it should be a rather memorable moment.

'42nd Street' had to cancel its Sunday matinee this past week - Tropical Storm Arlene dropped some trees on the power lines that fed the theater and the power company was not able to restore it in time for the show, despite twelve hours or so of work. It was my one chance to actually see it live as I have performances opposite it every other time. Guess I'll have to see it on tape.

Not a whole lot going on on the work front. Clinic tends to be oversubscribed and we're looking forward to the new person who's going to handle sick call/acute illness starting on the 11th of July. Everything else is same old same old. I'm off next week to Minneapolis to interview for a job but will need to be sold on uprooting yet again, especially for a desk job.

Travel schedule set through the end of July -

June 20-22 Minneapolis MN
July 1-4 New Orleans LA and Biloxi MS
July 15-19 Ashville NC, Princeton WV
July 20-24 New York, NY

Likely to be a beach weekend sometime in August but that will depend on the 'Twelfth Night' rehearsal schedule.