Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tuesday, May 3rd

The proofs of my new headshot are back from the photographer. While there are definitely some good photos in the batch, I am now keenly aware that I am no longer young - the wrinkles and thinning hair and the like can no longer be overlooked the way they could even a few years ago. Welcome to middle age. Well, at least I'm still reasonably trim. When I have one chosen, I'll put it up as the welcome photo to these musings.

I formally resigned from my role in 'Forty-Second Street' this weekend after much agonizing. It wasn't a stretch and the other thing I was offered, a supporting part in a Jeff Daniel's comedy about vasectomies, will be a lot tougher. A four week run in a hundred seat black box where no one in the audience is more than twenty feet away. First read through is tomorrow evening. I hope I'm up to it.

Not much excitement at work. Keeping up with the clinical tsunami so far. We just cleared a couple of dozen folks off the new patient wait list and it's back up to forty or fifty again. I am only one person. I need a break, fortunately, Tommy and I leave for SFO on Monday morning so I can teach gynecologists about basic geriatrics. (The annual ACOG meeting is there this year). Then we have a few days to play in Northern California before coming back to the grind.

MNM remains silent. Part of that is problems with internet access at home, part of that is with what's really going on in the news these days, gentle social satire doesn't quite compete with reality. Maybe later this week as I actually have seen a few films of late. Nothing at the theater for a while, though. Waiting for the new 'Star Wars' installment which comes out in a couple of weeks. I know it must be close as there were Darth Vader nacho cheese Doritos all over the local supermarket.