Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday, April 11th

Due to the invasion of my previous Blog site by various and sundry forms of spam, the time has come to up and move hosts. Welcome to the new, and hopefully improved, 'Inside Andy's Brain' where you can read my doings, dull as they are, my occasional rants on various topics and sacred cows, and the various linked articles essays and photographs that I find amusing at the moment.

I do not promise to be any more prompt in my updating than I have been in the past, nor do I promise that the alter-ego, MNM will be as prolific as she has been. (The creative writing juices being at a bit of a low ebb of late - I think all that energy got sucked into the theater career). But, in general, something appears here once a week, and, from time to time, as often as daily.

There will be no appeals for financial support or any of that jazz as I tend to make my political comments on stage, not in the blog arena, or is it blogateria? I write this stuff for my own amusement. If anyone so chooses to wander in and read, it's just a bit of an added bonus.