Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday, April 25th

I have been very bad about writing anything for some weeks. Mrs. Norman is languishing on the vine. I haven't been updating here. I have managed to get work things done, but barely. I'm not sure what the problem is, probably a certain freezing of creative juices. Maybe my brain just needs some time off. Certainly I've been sleeping more than usual the last few weeks and have been feeling a little foggy in general. It might be a time of year phenomenon as it seems to have gotten worse with the switch to daylight savings time.

What can I report on? My parents were here for a long weekend, their annual check on my health and well being. They left seeming pleased with how my life seems to be going - Professionally and personally. They were able to attend a choir concert last Thursday where we sang Schubert's 'Mass in G' and other pieces and a teaser for 'Forty-Second Street' at the local mall. They hadn't heard me sing in about twenty years so I think they enjoyed it. And I know they enjoyed Tommy's cooking. That man could open a restaurant if he chose.

I received a call out of the blue on Friday offering me a job elsewhere. If they'd offered a couple of years ago, I would probably have taken it. Things have fallen into place around here recently so it's not as attractive but I will at least give them the chance to woo me and who knows? It's always nice to be wanted. It's much more administrative and less clinical in nature and I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up the clinical, no matter how crazy making it is at times.

On the theater end, I have a call back for a show on Tuesday. I also have to start revamping 'Politically Incorrect Cabaret' for July gigs in Baton Rouge and Biloxi. 'Forty Second Street' is in rehearsal and I better start looking at text for 'Twelfth Night' which goes up in late August. Rather a full plate. We also have another choir concert tonight in an ersatz colonial era chapel down in Montevallo. More Schubert - which is a lot of fun to sing. In vocal lessons, I'm working on 'The Impossible Dream', which is not a lot of fun to sing. The bridge is damned high with way to many notes in it. On a brighter note, I can now do something with my 'F' above middle 'C' which makes most baritone literature available.

I've been doing a lot of reading of left wing press of late; it's making me feel more and more like a Jew in 1935 Berlin. It's also made the writing of political satire difficult. What's actually going on is so out there, that taking it to a satirical extreme goes way over a line. Although I do have some hope for my idea of the Terri Schiavo dancers and their salute to Broadway.

On that note, I'd better sign off.