Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday, May 20th

Sorry there wasn't an update on the second half of the California trip but I was off line for part of it and dog tired when I got back. I'm only just starting to feel like I've caught up on sleep - but it won't last. Rehearsals for 'The Vast Difference' will see to that.

After the conference was over, Tommy and I headed down to Palo Alto to take a quick peek at the Stanford campus (much changed over the last twenty years) and to have lunch with Vickie, an old college friend of mine who is now the assistant to the artistic and managing directors at TheatreWorks, a large LORT C company that produces eight shows a year on the peninsula. We caught up and took a tour of their facilities and came away with a lot of ideas to implement in growing theater around here. On Friday, we left the city, wended our way up through Sonoma, Napa and the wine country, and ended up in Woodland, outside of Davis where we spent a couple of days with Ania (another old college theater buddy) and her family who recently relocated to a lovely Victorian home there. I feel a little strange around Sacramento these days as there's been so much water under the bridge. Drove past the old house. The new owners haven't been kind to the landscaping but Maynard, the Tulip Magnolia, continues to flourish in the parking strip. Had a nice lunch with Tom, an old friend and neighbor from Sacramento days, while there.

Back to the grind on Sunday. Due to a change of directors and some other administrative stuff, rehearsals were delayed on 'The Vast Difference' and I came in on Monday only having missed three. Second day back and we were supposed to be off book for Act I and off book for the whole show this coming Monday. I'm busy trying to paste two dozen pages of dialogue into my brain. The rest of the next couple of weeks will be devoted to getting that show up. Fortunately, no major work deadlines coming up, just the usual clinic loads and crazy making folk that come with that.

We're going to try and go to 'Revenge of the Sith' this weekend sometime. Perhaps a late show tonight, depending on availability.