Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wednesday, July 13th

I've been battling a cold for the last three or four days. It's moved into the chest for one of those barking coughs that make everyone think you need an immediate TB test and chest X-ray. Fortunately, I don't feel too bad and it should more or less be out of my hair by the time we head out of town on Friday. The news out of DC has been raising my spirits as well. It looks like the fallout from the Plame affair may finally puncture the teflon of that cabal in the White House, leading to some interesting times over the next few months and into the 2006 election season. It also looks like W may be about to thumb his nose at the religious right over the Supreme Court nomination so we can all breathe just a little bit easier.

Tommy has been busy starting to put some business principles in place in the running of CenterStage. It's going to be a long process but I think it will be worth it in the long run. It has a lot of potential as a company, but needs a steady hand on the tiller who knows how to make a business work and how to really handle money. I imagine there will be the occaional agonized scream as things change and some of the 'Hey kids, lets put on a show' mentality is left behind.

Hurricane Dennis came blowing through town this weekend. Wasn't too bad around our house. We took all these precautions with tarps and moving the furniture after the wierd leaks with Ivan last year so, of course, nothing happened. No leak. Not even a power outage, an absolute first for our neighborhood in a significant storm. That's enough hurricane's for now, two in less than a year. We'll settle for the usual tornados in suburbia or maybe a nice earthquake.

Been doing a little puttering around the house as there haven't been rehearsals for a few weeks. It's been nice. 'Twelfth Night' starts up the day after we get back from New York. I'm auditioning for the world premiere of 'The Phantom of the Opry' (the usual story but with a country music twist) about the time that opens and that will take me through October. Probably have to declare a moratorium after Christmas to give myself prep time on 'Kiss Me Kate' which I'm directing in the spring. Performs the first two weekends in June, 2006 for those who wish to make their travel arrangements early.