Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday, July 6th - Covering Biloxi, MS and New Orleans, LA

It was both a busy and a lazy weekend this past week. A lot of activity involved, but most of it was non-work related and therefore not terribly strenuous. Tommy and I drove down to New Orleans on Friday afternoon, getting one of the last hotel rooms in town. We should have remembered from last year that the Fourth of July weekend is also the Essence Music festival, but we had somehow forgotten that little detail. We did get ourselves booked into a Holiday Inn outside the airport. Friday night, a wandering in the Vieux Carre, we walked into a dinner reservation at Bayona, one of the best restaurants in town as the Essence crowd tends not to be fine diners and had a lovely dinner. The mouse running around the dining room to the consternation of the maitre d' was also amusing. Didn't bother us as long as it stayed out of the kitchen.

Saturday, after sleeping in, we headed over to Biloxi where 'Politically Incorrect Cabaret' had been booked as a benefit. Ninety some degrees in ninety plus percent humidity made being out of doors exceedingly uncomfortable. The venue was a pavilion on a pier jutting out into the gulf next to the Isle of Capri casino (which seemed to feature parrots everywhere - although I don't recall them being native to Capri). There was a breeze off the water but the heat was still ungodly. Took a few hours to load in, then I did my body makeup in the middle of the pier, much to the amusement of some random fishermen and the show started around eight. A reasonable performance - I bobbled one lyric in my patter stuff and tripped on the hoopskirt of the Scarlett O'Hara costume, but no other big problems. Both Tommy and I probably lost five pounds in sweat.

We stayed in New Orleans on Sunday - it rained cats and dogs, which at least cooled it off. More time in the quarter gallery hopping and window shopping. No purchases though. Trying to put some money away for a bang up vacation this winter. The Matt Rinard I bought five years ago seems to keep going up in price - Would cost me about four times as much now as I paid for it then. I occasionally make a decent investment choice. We took in 'Batman Begins' as a matinee and then, on Monday, after driving back to Birmingham 'War of the Worlds' - enjoyed them both as pieces of summertime junk - MNM should be weighing in shortly as, for the first time in a year, there are no rehearsals scheduled for anything for a few weeks.

This week and next is work and home catch up and then we're off to Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York for ten days.