Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wednesday, June 29th

'The Vast Difference' closed over the weekend. We had great word of mouth and were more or less sold out for the last few performances so I guess we went out with a bang. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a good experience and I won't feel quite so apprehensive auditioning for such shows in the future as I have one under my belt. There was no newspaper review but most of what I heard back about my performance was fairly complementary so I assume I did OK. We have a dress of the cabaret show tomorrow evening and then it goes on the road to Biloxi for a performance on Saturday, assuming we aren't rained out - storms in the gulf, you know. Given that the previous performances have included a power outage, an unheated boot factory and an unairconditioned warehouse in hundred degree heat, anything would be par for the course.

We find out by the end of the week whether or not Tommy and the powers that be at CenterStage come to agreement in having him put some more businesslike structure on the company. It has the potential of growing fast and producing some damned good shows but some of the seat of the pants decision making will have to stop if it's going to take the next step forward. Another company in town (one with much more money) mounted 'Cats' this week and we saw it last night - quite good, but the majority of their male talent, while having Birmingham affiliations, is paid and imported. Even they can't find chorus boys around here.

Not much new on the work front. Still negotiating with Minneapolis. I don't think they need me full time so looking to see if there's an expanded consultancy role available. Would make much more sense for us and for them. I should see some of them in a couple of weeks in WV and perhaps we can continue to talk then.