Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday, June 23rd - Covering Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tommy and I spent a couple of days in Minneapolis this week so I could talk to the good folk at Long Term Care Group about a job for which they want to hire me. As the job currently stands, and it's interesting, it would require a relocation. Tommy and I are discussing the pros and cons and will let them know whether we would proceed with that this next week - and no, I'm not going to spill the final decision here where who knows whom is going to read it and spread the word...

I hadn't been to the Twin Cities for nearly twenty years. Remind me a lot of Seattle circa 1985 just before the Microsoft money really hit town. I could live there and be comfortable with it. Of course, I would have to rebuild professionally, socially and theatrically if I did a relocation of that magnitude at this particular juncture. We were wined and dined, good food and nice to see people I've been working with for years under some more social circumstances.

I could have done without the modern air travel involved. They seem to cut another couple of inches off the seat every year or so and I now have to fold up like an accordion to even get into the damned thing. Plus it was hot in the midwest on Wednesday. Monday, however, was thundershowers and I got caught in them in my one and only good suit and quietly wrinkled and steamed through the first round of interviews.

Last week of performances of 'Vast Difference' start tonight. I'm going to miss this show when it closes. It's been a blast. Move on next to 'Politically Incorrect Cabaret' - then a break for a while.