Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday, August 25th

No update for nearly two weeks? Must be tech week. 'Twelfth Night' opens tonight in Homewood Park for all those interested in laying their seven dollars down. It's been an interesting experience. I did finally get my lines down and am giving something of a performance, not the easiest thing to do when you're playing a glorified plot device. Mind you, I could do without the wearing of the cheap and ugly wig in our current weather. Even at night, it's a bit like being in a steambath the last few weeks. By the end of an evening in the park, I feel like a hothouse plant, moist everywhere.

Auditions for 'The Phantom of the Opry' are this weekend. I'll audition for the part I did in the reading (which is the only part in the show that I'm right for). If I get it, that will take me through October and then I think it will be time for a break from rehearsal for a while. The work schedule will help to enforce that. I have a bunch of business travel in November/early December that will more or less put paid to performing at that time.

Not a lot going on at work. All of the usual clinical headaches. Our numbers continue to be up and the clinic continues to lurch along. I'm redoing my contract work - more money for UAB which keeps my bosses happy. Dropping one of the hospices I've been with in favor of some additional work with the United Mine Workers Funds.

The house has been drowning in costume pieces from various shows that need to be cleaned and put into storage. Centerstage took delivery on some enormous donations of period accessories and jewelry that gives us one of the best collections in town. There's a new prop/costume/set co-op that will allow us to rent it out to others and make some money off of it.

Upcoming travel- On the Road with Andy

September 16-17 - Atlanta
October 1-4 - West Virginia
November 12-14 - Orange Beach
November 17-20 - New Orleans
December 5-8 - Los Angeles